Listen, Your love is like a drug that.

Everybody uses…

You wanna know the outcome.

Depends on how you use it.

Love could be your best friend.

Love can be your enemy.

Love can be the thing you wish you had.

But you don’t ever see.

Love can be the reason why?

You’re afraid to have it…

Some say it like it means something.

Others use it like a habit.

And some would say it’s tragic.

Some say it’s beautiful.

Some say it’s black and it’s dark.

Like a funeral…

Some would die for it.

Some don’t think it’s even real.

Some say they understand.

But don’t know how it feels.

Some say that it’s alive.

Some say that it can kill.

But most of us that’s depending on it.

Know that sometimes it will.

I ain’t gonna sugarcoat it.

Sometimes it might surround you.

One minute it’s saving you.

Next it’s trying to drown you.

Some people want to show it.

But were never taught how to.

And some of us is searching for it.

Feeling like it never found you.

Your love is like a privilege.

A lot of us abuse it.

Do with it what we want.

And start crying when we lose it.

Pretend that it ain’t nothing to us.

Pretend like it’s useless.

We don’t know why we do this.

But yet, we still pursue it.

Love, it can consume you.

Turn you into something else.

Bury the real you so deep.

That you can’t even find yourself.

Love, it can change you.

Love, it can?

Be the best thing you ever had.

And kick you on the ground.

You get on that high level.

You scared to fall.

Cause you know if that person hurt you.

You gonna lose it all.

They told you they would be there for you.

They don’t even call.

So that openness you used to have.

Has become a wall…

Some say that it’s patient.

Some say that it’s kind.

I don’t think it’s invisible.

But I know that it’s blind.

To some it’s only physical.

Alive in they mind.

It probably isn’t there.

If you’re struggling to find it…

This love got me on the down low.

Now I’m on the up high.

One minute I’m on the ground.

The next minute I’m in the sky.

I feel so invincible.

Sometimes dejected.

Forget it, I’m invisible.

I feel unprotected.

But I don’t need nobody else!

Trust me, I’m fine.

I can’t do this by myself.

I’m losing my mind.

I can see clearly.

Forget it…

I’m blind…

My heart says “DANGER”

Can’t you read the signs.

You been there through all the pain.

I swear I love it.!

No matter what you do.

It don’t disappear…

Does it…

I’d rather…

Spend a minute with love in my life.

Then go a million years without knowing.

What it is?

You better grab it.

You don’t want to lose it.

It brings pain.

It’s insane…

But the bruises.

My God can take that all away.

You ( ? ) the right person…

And everything that you thought.

That wasn’t worth it…

This thing called love…

Can be so cold…

It can be miserable…

Or it can be beautiful….

This thing called love…

Sometimes it’s amazing!

Sometimes it’s crazy!


رمضان مبارك



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