You’re Unforgettable

This feeling is unexplainable, strong emotions still burning inside, in my heart; so many times i tried to forget you, but it’s not possible.

You’re always that special someone to me,

even though i try to look for a new love, but my heart don’t let me do.

as i knew no one else like you.

Just a look at your picture, it gives me hope again, that someday my wish to see you will not be in vain.

Since you were gone.

i’m always feeling so lonesome.

I wish you don’t say goodbye but you have done.

Sometimes i am lost in deepest feeling, and just thinking of you all the time.

Still believing that my love is in the ceiling.

I hope you’ll come back someday.

Although your love before it wasn’t true, important that you have a little bit feeling to me.

I’m still feeling bad.

I wish we didn’t have those strife.

but we both us a little bit mad.

That’s the reason why our relation don’t exist anymore, even you and i we’re suit together

and wish to enjoy our life for more.

You bid goodbye to me but I don’t take it so seriously, your words to me as I can’t say goodbye to you because I still love you and i can’t forget you easily.

L⃟o⃟v⃟e⃟, P⃟a⃟r⃟e⃟d⃟e⃟u⃟x⃟


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