No Caption Need It

Underground, any city I come in town
It’s touchdown, Hail Mary, getting to the dough like Pillsbury.

All night, don’t feel worried, high up is where we will be.

Nah, You ain’t gotta feel guilty, won’t judge you, gon’ be free.

So pour what you want, go head, roll what you want. Fuck they say somebody walking ’round here like they somebody.
Don’t know what kind of day I had, with all this weight, couldn’t hold my bag.

Don’t hold me back from my habits, live the fast life for the magic.

I’m just looking ’round for the baddest. Hollywood face with an ass from Dallas.

Big-ass crib, nigga living in a palace.

We rolling out and my hands on the wheel so tight, got a callus.

Get so fabulous with everybody here, only thing that matters.

And it’s go time, I swear this feeling’s like we inches from the goal line.

Now or never, better make your mind.

Might hit her with a line like “What’s your sign?” Hit her with a glass of sparkling wine.

Hit her on the ass, she might not mind, acting like a 10, look more like a 9, but… ?

Don’t be stuck up, really, how could you not see us?

Doing it big, it’s obvious, you ain’t gotta say much, Cuz…

I know you’re sick and tired, sick and tired of all that bullshit.

Then don’t be afraid, take a shot and bite the bullet.

That’s one in the hole, can’t get enough, need one or two more.

Tell ’em catch up, they’re running to slow, out the gutter, I learned to bowl.

And finally it’s movie time to show them I play the role.

Of a champion, you see the goal, light shine bright, can’t see the road.

Now, just picture me, high up with my top down.

On Highland and Sunset, doing 85 on the top deck.

See, step by step we walking on stars.

If you’re looking for some action, you ain’t gotta go that far.

Now, just picture me Hollywood living.

Riding through the sun, riding through the sunset.

Now, stop tripping, just give me a minute.

And wait until the sun, wait until the sun goes down.

You know how it go down, you know how it go down. I’ll entertain yah, just wait until the sun goes down. You know how it go down, you know how it go down.
Might get a little crazy, just wait until the sun goes down.

P.D. Writing this, brings me back many unrealized memories. It hurts, but life goes on, so always looking forward.

Maybe some day i will see you again without you even notice me. (Soon)

𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖, ℙ𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕕𝕖𝕦𝕩


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