Do You Love Me Still ?

Through the years.

I have shed many tears.

I know it’s been awhile since we spoke.

But my heart is still broke.

I don’t know where all the pieces are.

I tried to pick them up, but it was too hard.

Everything inside of me died all at once.

Feeling as if I had no more love.

Not for myself.

Or anyone else.

And when there’s no love, there’s nothing.

You took all of that from me.

Maybe it wasn’t intended.

And we both pretended.

That we could care less.

But I have to confess.

That I do still care.

The feelings are still there.

The truth is in the eyes.

I looked in yours, you looked in mine.

I found what I needed to find.

What about you, did you see inside?

Maybe it’s all over between us.

But in my heart I can’t give up.

I can’t forget what we had before,

It could be that way once more.

We never know unless we try.

My feelings just refuse to die.

You can’t take what’s in my heart.

No matter what you do or who you are.

I’ve tried so many times.

To just say “goodbye”

Wishing I could, but I just can’t.

And I hope that you can understand.

I can’t forget the time we shared.

And how it just isn’t fair.

That it’s all gone.

And I must move on.

But i just can’t…

I just fucking miss you.

And sorry, but i just can’t forget about you, forget about us.

And its killing me inside.


I’m afraid if I let go.

I’ll never really know.

If it could’ve been.

The way it was meant to be.


The question is:CAN YOU FORGET ME?

◊√∑, ∆Я∑∂∑χ


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