Thinkin’ OutLoud

I’m writing this letter for a purpose. I would like to tell you some things before I marry you or before you become my girlfriend or even before I meet you. I would like to start this message by thanking you in advance. Thank you for choosing me out of the billions of men who are better and more handsome than me. I know that I never deserved somebody like you, and it’s kind of unfair for me because when we would be together, I know that we would look like beauty and the beast. You’d be beauty and I’d be beast.

Thank you for the patience that you will have with me for the next 10 to 70 years. I appreciate how you would make me smile and laugh and even cry at times. It wouldn’t be hard to be with me, because I beat a girl in terms of emotions. Thank you for being faithful with me. I just want you to know that I would not look for anyone else but you. You’re the one I am praying for every night before I go to sleep and every morning before you get up from bed.

It may not be my season yet to be in love. I promise you that I will wait. I will not rush anything with you. Forgive me if I wouldn’t give you flowers and chocolates for valentines while we are still students. I promise you that I will give you something more than that at the right time. I would reserve my hands for you, you and my mother will be the only women who would be able to grasp my very hands while walking. I would reserve myself for you. There would be lots of temptations, but beloved, I promise you that the only one who would control our relationship is God.

It would not be easy being with me. It will never be. But I thank you for choosing me. Forgive me if I can’t be as handsome as the celebrities you watch in movies. I may not be handsome, but I promise to love you with all I am until my final breath.

I’m Excited

I’m excited to be your boyfriend and experience butterflies in my stomach whenever I’m with you.

I’m excited to give you gifts every occasion.

I’m excited to text you the words “I love you” every morning.

I’m excited to see you walking on the altar.

I’m excited to hear the words “You may kiss the bride”

I’m excited to be your husband.

I’m excited to forestall you in waking up just to cook for you.

I’m excited to have dogs (we’ll name them Bacon and Goya)

I’m excited to start a family with you.

I’m excited to roam the world with you.

But while our story is not yet clashing to each other in the Book, my excitement would not stop me from waiting. I will wait for you. I promise. I love you.

Your Future Husband


I know that it wasn’t easy going through the tides of life. It will never be easy. You might find yourself looking for someone who would fulfil the emptiness that you would feel inside. It is my strongest hope that you won’t entertain anyone who would try to take your heart. I would like you to focus on your studies at this point. I know that studying could sometimes be boring or somewhat hard, but I trust you with this one. You can do it.

レ◊√∑, ㄕ∆Я∑∂∑ㄩχ


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