Just Wait


Don’t leave me

Where you going?

Why you leaving?

I can’t lose you.

God I need You!

And don’t you love me?

Guess you don’t want me!

We back and forth, yeah, this ain’t working, this ain’t working.

Love ain’t perfect, love ain’t perfect…

I’m holding on to pieces of us.

That I just can’t let go.

I know this is a desperate kind of love…

But it feels like it’s home.

Where you going?

I’m holding on to pieces of us.

Cause I just can’t let go.


What you thinking?

Where’s your mind at?

Don’t you miss us?

Cause you don’t call that.

Are you happy?

Are you smiling?

Girl what happened?

Cause I am dying…

We don’t wanna have a conversation!

We don’t wanna think about it, we wanna just fake it…

We just wanna act like everything is great.

Go back to the day watchin’ movies in the basement…

And the problem is now I’m feeling like everything is changed…

And I’m trying to make a livin’ on the music!

But I feel like every time I look at you I’m in a place…

It’s hard to be the man of the house when you ain’t gotta house (I hate this)

It’s complicated…

We don’t wanna talk, it’s complicated…

I’m sitting in the hotel room like, “Why?”

Call your phone and apologize..

There’s gotta be a way we can make this right…

We can make this right…



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