A Sad Ending

I was walking all alone,

on a road of rocks and stone,

never did I know where it would lead,

sometimes I wondered, “was it because of my deeds?”

Then came along a sweet little breeze,

seemed to me, my whole world would freeze,

for a little while I thought,

that the road I chose was the best one I got.

The breeze took away all my pain,

as if a barren after years had a rain,

this seemed to lead me to a meadow,

where in the sun, only gave me shadow.

The feeling was great,

but it came at some rate,

I felt like being on top of the world,

“come down to mother earth “somebody called.

It was a beautiful dream,

which I had,

the heat was taking it’s toll on me,

and it never made me glad.

Then came the storm,

that shattered my dreams,

it crushed all my norms,

and it went all down the stream.

I had no place to hide,

as if I was sinking in high tide,

slowly and slowly my body gave up,

soul left my body,

helplessly forever, I shut up.





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