Happy New Year 2019

Is for your best year yet,

A year where life is peaceful,

And what you want, you get,

A year in which you cherish,

The past year’s memories,

Full of bright expectancies,

I wish for you a holiday,

With happiness galore,

And when it’s done, I wish you,

The best on your life.”


I wish you all the best,

Great work to reach your fondest goals,

And when you’re done, sweet rest,

I hope for your fulfillment,

Contentment, peace and more,

A brighter, better new year than,

You’ve ever had before.”


Congratulations For Making It To A New Year.

May You Find Happiness This Year

As You Appreciate Beautiful Memories Of The Past Year

It Has Always Been My Prayer That You Succeed In Your Life.


“Keep the smiles,

Walk past the tears,

Forget your worries,

And look forward to the coming year,

A very… Happy New Year 2019 To Y’all

LΩ∇Σ, P.D.P.Ғ.


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