Untitled ( Midnight Thoughts )

i never wish to break your heart.

i never wish to have your fragile heart

and lose it by playing a foolish game.

my love for you is not a game.

my feelings for you will never change.

they will only grow stronger and stronger

each and every day.

they will follow you.

they will not go astray.

i never wish to take your love for granted.

i would never have you for myself

and claim another at the same time.

i would never dream of sabotaging our love.

i could never imagine destroying the beautiful relationship that we have created.

there is nothing in this world i wouldn’t do

in order to fight for our love

to fight for you.

you are my true inspiration.

you are my true reason.

without you, i am nothing

i have nothing.

i will never forsake you.

i will never betray you.

my love for you is not a game

it is real.

the realest love i’ve ever felt.

and i will do everything humanly possible to maintain our love.

to keep us afloat.

to make you happy.

you are my lasting love.

my beautiful angel sent from above.

i will never leave you.

i will never destroy you.

i will never want anybody but you.



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