Morning Thoughts !

I roll over in this large bed.

Only to see that the space next to me is empty.

It is where you should be laying.

It is where I should be able to look into your eyes.

And show you how much I adore you with just one glance!

But instead I catch myself staring at the emptiness!

Trying to understand how my one true lover lives across the Atlantic…

My vision starts to become blurry.

My emotions start to run together.

And I am left feeling numb and hollow.

How I wish I could reach my hand out.

And feel your body next to mine.

How I wish to feel the warmth of your breath, as we speak in close proximity.

And as I imagine these things, I feel happiness for a split second.

But no, my world is shattered and my heart breaks.

As the sudden realization hits that you are not here.

I cannot see you, feel you, or hear you.

You are elsewhere.

And I am here.

Broken from our separation.

Longing for the next time I see your face.

Dreaming of the day that I roll over.

And see my love lying next to me.

Instead of this empty space.



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