The End ( I love you forever )

I’m trying to compensate

For the void in my mind

With other people

With other pastimes.

Nothing is very satisfying

Especially after I’ve crossed the line

Now I really wish

That I could just rewind.

I wouldn’t take advantage

Of the moments we shared

The long nights together

When our eyes would stare.

Into each other

I could see your soul

Now I am empty

With nowhere to go.

I wish I hadn’t given up

I wish I gave us a better chance

Everything seems ruined now

Slim odds of romance.

I don’t think we can come back

Not from this damage

It’s all my fault, I’ve done it to us

It was too hard to manage.

I’m sorry for how I’ve treated you

Nothing can take back the things I’ve said

I’m sorry for how I gave up on you

Nothing can take back the things I did.

Despite my tragic flaws

You still treat me as if I’m the best

You love me unconditionally

Every day I am blessed.

What did I ever do to deserve you

I ask myself why I don’t try harder

Why I’m not on my knees begging

Why didn’t I act smarter.

All these questions

Swimming in my head

I know I want this to last

To clean up all I’ve bled.



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