On the floor they stand around my body

some not even sure that it was me,

the hair styled the same,

the clothes I put on before everyone came.

So why cant they identify me ?

people standing around asking if that’s he?

Am I that unrecognizable?

Isnt there anyone here thats capable?


Is anybody there !

Can you find someone who cares?

I know Im not dead so why is everyone ignoring me …?

Wait… Why is everyone leaving me?

I know Im not sleeping, so how could this be? It’s to bad’ they said.

As they all turned their heads.

For no one cared to wake me.

Since they had all left me be.

Was this some kind of sick dream, and yet not everything is what it seems.

You see, I am here alone!

And this is what I’ve shown.

A glimpse a foretaste of reality?

Because no one sees the real me.



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