The Sad Truth

The chaotic noise inside the class,

The live chit chat that every group has.

Yes, another semester is at hand,

Another great year is about to land.

Friends hug like there’s no tomorrow,

Happiness is in, no more sorrow.

I see new people walk inside the room,

New batches of friends are about to bloom.

But one person caught my attention:

A girl with this kind of perfection

Walks like a model on a runway,

A girl who stole my heart away.

Her eyes sparkle like the stars above.

That look she gives me that I really love.

Her smile takes my breath away.

I know that I won’t let her slip away.

I want to tell her what I really feel,

Wanting to tell her that this is real.

Oh, this feeling that I hate,

A feeling that would not obliterate.

Want to know about the sad truth?

That there will never be a “me and you.”

Yes, that is the sad truth

That you’ll never say you like me too.


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