When you’re down for the count.

I hope you find the strength to rise.

When you’re lost and can’t be found.

I hope you search for that light.

When the wind is in your face.

I hope you run with every stride.

When your life is on the line.

I hope you live like you’re dying.

‘Cuz people will always tell you,

About that other side,

How the grass is always greener,

and the sun, it always shines,

and People will always tell you,

How to live your life,

You know what I say to that?

This is my life.

I hope your dreams come alive

And you never let them crush

I hope you live life too slow

Cuz it’s too fast to rush

When you live and you learn

I hope you never learn enough

The sky is not the limit,

So act like you are flyin’ .

You know what it’s like to be all alone?

People on both sides, and you don’t know where to go.

Pack up your own bag.

Throw your world in the air

See where you go from there.

This life is Mine


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