My Only Regret

I never showed my love when she was here.

Of her reaction I always had that fear.

Now she will no longer stay.

I never showed my love, and now she’s away.

I always wanted to look at her face.

I always wanted to be near her place.

I always had a feeling deep down inside,

A feeling I always had to hide.

I did what I could to hide what I feel,

To hide how my heart she can steal.

Why hide? I was always asking.

Now it’s time for unmasking.

Since I saw her, I wanted to be more than her friend.

Now that dream will forever end.

She was the first girl on which I had a crush.

To see her, I went to school in a rush.

She might seem normal to you,

But she’s a _______ from my point of view.

I thought she was perfect for me,

But through my wish I wasn’t able to see.

I never told that girl how my feelings were.

I never showed her how much I care.

I regret not having that talk.

I regret not breaking that block.


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