Sign Of Times …

We were like night and day,

fire and ice, as different as the poles of a magnet. i found myself drawn to her like gravity.

Her appearance was overwhelming;

eyes as dark and beautiful as the night.

And a smile as enchanting as the sun set, with a curve that just compelled one to smile as well.

She had the beauty of the moon, the kind that stood out even amidst stars.

Her beauty wasn’t just skin deep,

She had a warm personality,

she was optimistic, compassionate, kind, polite, the church type.

I tried to stay away for i feared to stain the innocence in her with my corrupt mind.

We were like two sides of the same coin, i being her exact opposite.

My mind was as twisted as it gets, finding pleasure only in the things forbidden,

with a “heart that was cold and ruthless” yet possessing a face that portrayed innocence.

I was like the rose that ensnared the eyes with its beauty while hiding its thorns under the petals.

I couldn’t stay away,

I wanted her.

Wanted every bit of her

I tried to act like the saint i appeared to be but it never lasted, i longed for her.

I would see how she moved with grace and i would question my resolve to limit myself.

She was the one i desired to have.


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