Enraged …

I was enraged

Possessed by the desire to be even.

I was on a warpath, seeking to inflict pain on the world.

I felt it “slowly poisoning and corrupting what was within”.

My mind was enslaved to wrath, my heart harboured so much hate i felt it as i breathed, it was choking.

My fists clinched and my body shook with rage.

It frightened me, it frightened me cause i wanted to cling to that hate, i wanted it to drive me.

I no longer wanted to hear my thoughts.

I tried to drown them in the loudest music i had but i could still hear myself as the music faded.

Liquor only helped for a moment after which it started to enhance the whispers in the back of my mind, filling me with confidence to carry out the desires of my heart.

I felt it all.

Every insult, humiliation and abuse, every negative emotion.

Every single emotion i had ever suppressed seeking to lash out at the world.

I felt it all raw and untamed…


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