Be With You (Irony)

I know they wanna come and separate us but they can’t do us nothin.

Your the one I want and I’m a continue lovin’.

‘Cause your considered wifey and I’m considered husband.

And I’m a always be there for you.

And either way you look at it I ain’t goin’ no where from my muffin.

‘Cause she gonna hold it down, cant no body tell her nothin’.

You got the kind of love that always make up after fussin’.

And that’s what gets me closer to you

And no one knows.

Why I’m into you.

‘Cause you’ll never know what its like to walk in our shoes.

And no one know, the things we’ve been through.

Can never measure up to half of what I put you through.

That’s why we’ll break through.

Seems like every day that go by things are gettin’ harder.

Want to be the one that give you the whole enchilada.

‘Cause I know what my baby like, I lean you on that Prada.

You ain’t got to match with the shoes

All about knowing you I’m into doing things to keep her longer.

Stickin’ together forever, watch you grow stronger.

That’s the way it has to be, everything problem.

Keepin’ it always true.

You are everything in my life see the joy you bring.

And ain’t no one I compare you to.

And I know that you will never walk away from me no matter what

And that’s why I plan to do the same thing for you.

And I want you to know…

And I don’t care what they say…

I’m gonna be with you…!

I wanna be with you…

And I don’t care what they do….

I’m gonna be with you……



  1. Paredeux · February 24, 2018

    If she moved on good for her, and if not, oh well, it would be her choice and problem doh!


  2. username010 · February 24, 2018

    what if she moved on?


    • Paredeux · February 24, 2018

      Thats what it says in Parenthesis (Irony) and plus this aint for no girl. Its just words. Per se.


    • username010 · February 24, 2018

      but what if it’s real happening and she moved on


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