Especially Thanks To Y’all !

First of all, i want to say, thank you to all the people that were there askin’ fo’ me, to all the people that took the time to, say Happy Birthday to Me, even doh i couldnt answer, to all the people who wished me Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year.

To all the beautiful people who wrote me, letters, while i was in Lock Doh. To all the people who took ’em time to call me, just 5 minutes, hear from you guys made my days easy on County, indeed i do not have the opportunity to meet y’all yet, but very soon, i will.

As y’all know, my Beautiful sister always showed me your texts messages and your videos sayin’ hi to me, i do not have words to explain all the gratitude i have now. And when i fix my phone, i will answer all and one of each text y’all sent me.

I wanted to say especially Thanx to a famous friend Christian Comstock AKA “Marshmello” for supporting me, and be there helpin’ my sister to speedin’ up my exit from County. I gotcha always…

And the most thankfully and blessings, and big as Smile and tears, to My sister, because she always be there for me, talking to me for hours, so i didn’t feel alone. She is the reason im here writin’ you, I just cant wait to see her, and give her, the best big ass hug and kiss that she never ever had it before. She is all i have in this world, and together we gon’ face this shitty world.

Im here tellin’ y’all a big thanx and best regards. Thank you for the support all this whole month that  i spent in County, that whole month were the worst of my entire life, but thanx to y’all, i did make it thru.

I wanted to say the names of the people who wrote me, sent videos, whom called me. You have a real friend in me. If one day one of you needs me, just Say my name, and i’ll be there… No Hesitation.


Paredeux (Davis Zuckerberg)


P.D. Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, gucci Gang…


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