It still hurts.

Love has to hurt us in order for us to recognize all that we’ve done. And maybe it wasn’t about her or him. The essence of who they were to me. I think that’s the most important part to see.

The thing is, you don’t act a certain way because it used to hurt someone.

You’re a self- destructive, but you recognize it, when you fell in love and it’s reciprocated. It’s like a whole new universe to imploded into being. It’s like drinking poison and knowing you will survive it.

I think about you from time to time, I try not to write about you. I want to ask you about the time you promise to never leave and how I believed you.

There’s no greater progress than a heartbreak, give a woman a broken heart and she will be more powerful than anything man made after she has pulled through. Give a man a heart break and he will never be the same after the trigger is pulled.

The person that you talk to right before you fall asleep will always change, but the feelings will stay the same. If you’re into video games, Love is always a final boss.

Instead of beating it, you’re always sitting there on top of the roof of the tallest building throwing our paper planes of our favorite poems.

You’re not in this part of my life, but you’re still altering my decisions. It’s strange to be attached to people, I try not to. It’s within my nature to clings, so I would rather be alone and not go out much.

They said we have soulmates scattered all over the planet, I wonder how many times we have to say goodbye until the timing is right.

Your birthday is coming up, I want to call, but I really shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be texting you or writing abut you, but there’s a part of me that can’t let go and that’s the thing I will have to write out. I’m happy that you’re happy, truly I am.

People can choose to leave, I no longer bleed when my thoughts say that I should, these days I keep it short, if you bring up love, I’m out.

Scared to be in love, let’s just be friends, My soul is heavy. They say that we are all of the people we have ever loved.

It’s not a pain. It’s just another thing to get over. It’s okay to remember, it’s no okay to long for emotions that are no longer there, maybe one day I will forget about you, maybe one day I will be over you. It ends someday, you know? I’m just waiting for things to pass and things to last.

I’m sorry that I can’t give the world to you, I’m sorry that I hurt you, I’m sorry it didn’t work, I’m sorry, I’m not that person.

You just knew me growing up.


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