Innate Promises

Just another broken promise.

Your words are really cheap.

You’re writing cheques with your mouth.

Your body will not keep.

They say that love is action.

Not simply just a word.

If that’s the case, I’ve never felt.

I’ve only really heard.

The same excuses “I forgot”.

I’ve heard it all before.

The hurt I felt and feel again.

I can’t take it anymore.

So talk your talk, I’ll walk my walk.

I’ve done everything I can.

To keep my promise and my word.

I truly am a man.

You keep your broken promises.

I know that’s what you’ll do.

Your talk is cheap, your words are lies.

I know that mine are true.

I’ll pack your broken promises.

I’m out the broken door.

I hope you enjoy your broken home.

I won’t be broken anymore!


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