Definition of love

I don’t believe in true love!

Not the love you say after dating for a month

Those are just gases and hormones fuckin with your brain.

I can only say I really love about 7 or so people in this world.

Of course I say I love you to all my family members but that’s what you do

They come in and out your life

Say they miss you

But they don’t

It’s just what you do. I never understood it.

Why your friends say they love you.

They say they love me.

And I’m just feeling so confused.

I barely know you.

I’ve been through more shit with my aunt for five minutes than my whole relationship with you.

You’re just here for entertainment.

Not for love… You’ll leave.

I know you will. You have before.

So the day I move for a different purpose,

I’ll see you waving .

And the moment I leave you’ll be watching a movie soon It happens.


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