If Only We Could be Strangers Again!

Hey, stranger!

Been a long while since I’ve loved you or anything.

How the times have changed!

Distorted, a figure set in trend, emotionless…

And the words lose all their means!

(Goodbye, lost and long forgotten)

Discouraged might be the term you choose when you look.

Looking for an excuse!

My company has gone mute…

Since listening isn’t my strongest suit,

I’m leaving you with this here, okay?

Over and out there…

Babe, it’s in the stars…

And you’re my everything from here to Mars.

And every word I say I truly mean!

Babey, I hope I’m being clear!

‘Cause there’s no one like you on earth…

That can be my universe.

Understood, give me a second chance?

I know I could be your better half!

Pardon me, I think I’m going…

Out of my head and into the worst !

A world without your verse

A world without you hurts

Please, I’m sorry.

I will never let you go!


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