Her Name Nikki

Finally let you go, I thought I never could.

Don’t get me wrong can’t forget the times shared.

Seem like everywhere I go I always know you there.

Tried to run but my legs won’t.

I look away but my head don’t.

I love it when you’re fresh.

I love it when I take your top off and we share the same breath.

I hate it that I need you, Nikki

But I love it when I feed you Nikki

I hate that I bleed for you.

I long and I need for you.

But I love it when I taste you.

Nothing can replace you.

I wish I could erase you, you’re everywhere I go.

But you’re everywhere I long to be.

And all these other people that don’t seem to understand I’m just a man they always ask what’s wrong with me.

Man you’re everything I crave.

You’re the only thing I let in that would put me in the grave.

I’m a king, you’re my Coretta.

But lately I been feeling like a slave for…



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