Help Me Help You!

What do I wear?

I only told you twelve times.

The first dress that you put on is still your best find.

We’ve been sitting in this dressing room for hours.

I need a break baby I don’t have the brainpower.

It ain’t that I ain’t calling back.

It’s just you said you needed space.

And so I’m staying out your way.

It ain’t that I ain’t got your back.

But you went out of your way to make that “k” a lowercase…!

Baby girl when I ask you if there’s a problem.

Don’t tell me you’re fine. I know you’re not fine.

I just don’t understand you, you steal the covers and then you want me to cuddle you, are you hot or are you cold?

Don’t ask me if I think another girl is cute, that’s a loaded question.

What are you trying to do? What are you trying to make me girl?

We’re on the same team, so just please just listen to me and hear. What I have to say baby girl…!

When you ask me my opinion.

I’m always sure to be your minion.

Girl, you’re kinda like long division.

Everything is difficult, Help me help you

Girl what you trying to do!

‘Cause I don’t got a clue.

I ain’t no Scooby Doo!

‘Cause I’m hungrier than you.

I just wanna get some food and you about to kill my mood.

“Do these jeans make me look fat?”

Yeah I know you want the answer, but I’m smart and that’s a trap,and here’s a random fact.

You still got my favorite hoodie and you need to give it back.


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