There is no The Right One!

Everyone always says I’m waiting or I’m looking for the RIGHT ONE. There is no right one. One is always going to mess up and one is always going make mistakes. One can say sorry but sorry is just a word, if one is really sorry their gonna show you and make it up to you and their gonna show how much they appreciate having you in their life and not treat you like shit , if one is treating you like shit it’s either cause you’re treating them like shit or they’re just naturally a shity person. If your with someone just to be with someone don’t tell them you love them if you don’t, if you don’t love them there’s no point of being in a relationship with them. if you’re in a relationship with somebody and you tell him I love you and there’s no meaning to it you’re hurting them you’re hurting yourself and if you don’t love yourself how do you expect to love somebody else?

Never get too attached, Because people wake up with different feelings everyday.


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