Death Mask Divine !

I can feel the monstrosity inside of me,

Breaking loose with each and every tragedy,

Such a struggle to keep it inside,

I hope you know that nothing can make it subside,

Its rage is becoming so clear,

I know you know that feeling my dear,

The chains just wont hold,

Embrace the demon and let darkness unfold,

Dark has come now,

There is no turning back,

The death mask divine,

Has been put into place,

Cant you see it?

Its right on my face!

Don’t try to take the pain away,

I want you to remember the torture day by day,

An evil smile is all that’s left,

As I repay you for each and every theft,

Oh death mask divine,

There’s one left you’ve yet to confine,

One last cold sunrise,

So fitting for such a demise,

Oh death mask divine,

The last death you will see shall be mine,

By the time it was done,

I realize she wasn’t the only one,

Was I so blind to see,

That she was killing me?


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