when they get quiet…

if you really want to know if it’s over, that you’ve really lost them…. it’s in the silence.

At least when they’re throwing curses at you like it’s nature and screaming how much they hate you, you know some part of them still cares.

Some part of them still cares enough to feel something for you, even if it’s love twisted into hate.

But when they stop yelling and they lose the fire in their eyes, you’ve lost them.

When it goes quiet they’ve given up. They’ve gone.


One thought on “when they get quiet…

  1. This is very true! If I the person you love don’t answer you back or dont do an intend to get in touch with you, that means you lost him/her, and that is so sad 😞. Thank you so much guys, you always made my night. Cheers from Ireland 🇮🇪


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