Unknown Dead Mama !

You’re dead and I can’t take any of it back and it makes it so much worse.

And I just want to be able wake up in the morning and pretend it doesn’t hurt.

On the day you died, I wondered why the hell you had to go to work.

Because if you didn’t, you would still be alive. I’d be able to sleep at night.

Why the hell would God take you from this planet and leave me behind.

You love me?

It bothers me knowing my children are never gonna meet their grandmother.

I just want to cry. Actually I want to die.

Cause the day you passed away I bottled it all up inside. A couple days ago was Mothers Day. But you weren’t here to celebrate. They say that when you die, you always make it to a better place.

That may be true, but without you I don’t know how I’ll make it through.

You always said you loved me. But I never said the same to you. Even though I didn’t had that chance!

Circles and cycles and seasons.

For everything there’s always reason.

But it’s never good.

Never turns out as it should.

And now I lay awake and reminisce everything that you did for me. If God is real, then how can any of this crap be meant to be? I love you so much, now I’ll never gonna be able to tell you that.

Just to see your face again, I’ll go through frickin’ hell and back. But I know you never coming back. I wish I had my mother back

You’re the only reason that I’m breathing, only reason that I want to write. Everybody want to be able to hold me back and try to keep me on the ground. They say that God is real, and I keep looking but he’s not around. Ain’t nobody ever gonna be able to save me, I can’t save my frickin’ myself.

Need some major help. Cuz I don’t want to burn inside the flames of hell. Everything you do in life, is gotta be for something right. Think I need to go to bed and deal with the pain another night. I don’t even want to write. But I gotta be able to cope with the pain. So I say to hell with a broken heart, I got a broken brain. I just want to walk away. But I still got a lot to say

But I feel like I’m better off dead, or put in jail and locked away!!!


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