A Reason For?

You make a lot of money and you live in a mansion. And pretty much got everything that you could ever imagine. But you feel like even though you got everything in the world. You got nothing. So what you do then is you start going backwards. You runnin’ in a direction, And you lookin’ for something that isn’t real. And all you know is that you just gotta have it!! What you’re doin’ is sleepin’!! And thinking that you’re awake and you’re not. And the problem is that you don’t know what you’re after. So you put everything that you have into what you do. Hoping that one day maybe you don’t have to feel like you’re empty.bBut as you get older a lot of weight on your shoulders is getting heavy. Then you look back and you start to regret things. You only get one life. And every time you lookin’ at yours. You feel like everything you have is a waste! You wake up in the morning, But you feel like you never got up and go to work. And you feelin’ like you ain’t got a purpose. And you tryna get motivated but, everything you do turns into a mess. Like you ain’t nothing but worthless. And, you look around. A lot of these other people you lookin’ at you, you describe as perfect. So you point a finger at God and tell him to do his job. And fix ya’ life up cause nothin’ is workin’! And you will try to hide and make it seem like it’s nothin’… But really you feel like everything is crashin’ around you. And you develop a problem in trustin’ in other people. Which later became an issue that would mentally pound you! You only get one life! But every time you lookin’ at yours you feel like all you ever see are mistakes. And the problem and the reason you could never move forward in life, Is because you were never awake. You spend your life in a dream that you can’t escape. Cause you live your life in a coma, you’re never awake!!!



  1. samithoughts1 · November 11, 2017

    That’s a little sad


  2. Krystal Keys · November 11, 2017

    If you need somebody to vent, I’m here! Love you writings.


    • Nora · November 11, 2017

      hey Krystal thanks for your nice comment about his writings. But he already got someone to vent aka me his “girlfriend” cheers!


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