10 Feet Under

I know the person in the mirror’s not a perfect one. I look at him every day and think he’s not enough. My life’s a book that I don’t really like to open up. I’m twenty-one, but I feel like I live in chapter one. I skim through, I’ve been through it, they laugh at us. You think it’s funny, laugh it up. I always felt like no one listened to me, that’s how I grew up. Church is where I found God, but it’s also where I learned to judge. I had to learn there’s a difference between. What you want, and what you really need. I’ve always been motivated by comments from people tellin’ me. Things they think I’ll never be, and then I become it, this is my everything. There’s so much that goes on in my head that people will never see. You’ll probably be terrified of my memories, don’t lecture me. Let me be, let me see, let me breathe, how they remember me. Doesn’t alter who I am as a person to take my energy. My gains made me who I am, but they also deceived me. I’ve been allowed to live life like I’m already grieving. I’m at a table of lies, but don’t eat what they feed me! My hoodie over my face, so nobody can see me. I’m on a plane, ’bout to fly again. Looking out the window, take a moment to admire it… Wondering how high it is, wonder where the time has went. Then I shut the window and go back to feeling like I’m out my mind again. Seems like we’re all trying to climb a ladder It’s crazy what we’ll do to climb it faster. It’s like we throw away the things in life that really matter. Just so that we can make it to the top, and wonder we’re even climbing after. I know the feeling of feeling like everything you deal with will never change. That’s part of being a human. Life’s what you make of it, take it, embrace it, and take it, and savor it. Ain’t about what you did, it’s what you became from it…!


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  1. Rachel · November 11, 2017

    Hello! My friend share your page, and you are a good writer. I enjoy reading your post. I’m here if you need someone to chat, talk on the phone, or just simply text.
    Have a nice weekend, God bless you!

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