Imagine a life where you ain’t got no reason to cry. It ain’t hard to tell the truth when there’s no reason to lie. Picture everything bad that ever happened to you. Snap it in two then laugh at those that laughin’ at you. Imagine your pain disappears like magic. Everything that ever hurt you never happened. Your dad never left, your mom never cried. Your relationships’ perfect, and nobody dies. You feel far from reality yet. I do, so I’mma bring reality back. You never met your dad, gone since you was a kid. Matter fact, he left before you even cried in the crib. And you momma always cryin’ ! Startin’ to mess with your head. To the world, you alive. But to yourself, you’re dead. Look in the mirror, heart’s so full of rejection. So you cock your fist back, then crack your reflection like!

Imagine everyone you knew respected you. Put your name up high when they mentioned you. Never talked about you bad behind your back. And what .they say is what they do. And what they are is how they act. Imagine every girl you had never hurt you. And every guy you fell in love with didn’t desert you. Every lie on the earth was real And didn’t mind really lettin’ out the way they feel. But hold up. Let’s slow it down for a minute! Lies in your face. I don’t get it? What happened? I must have been dreamin’ again. Another fake friend in your face playin’ pretend, Another liar! Yellin’ it ain’t nothin’ but truth.

All cryin’, screamin’, “I would never hurt you” Yeah? like we ain’t heard that befo’!

You want the truth? What you think I’m writin’ fo’?

Picture a man that never did nothin’ wrong.Got beaten ’til most of His flesh was gone.Put thorns in His head while they laughed and mocked Him, Devil laughin’ down in Hell like, “Yeah, I got Him”. Imagine nails goin’ into your palms. Strapped to a cross. Soldiers strechin’ your arms. Like a joke, people all gather around. “If you so powerful, then why don’t you just come down?” Your mother cryin’ at your feet… Breathe your last breath. You want reality, man that’s as real as it gets. The one true God came down to earth to die. Never committed a sin, yet He died for mine. And seems we all so caught up in the crazy life. Die for the world, then we’ll know what crazy like, Gotta be blind homie if you can’t see it. So think about it next time yeah before you scream it.

I don’t like the way that I feel…

Lookin’ for reality, but this ain’t real…

What am I supposed to say, c’mon?

I ain’t supposed to feel this way…!!!


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