she’s waiting for him, still.

She sat alone at that table waiting for her boyfriend or friend, I don’t know. I was sitting at another table close to hers and what caught my attention is that she was checking the time every minute maybe he was taking so long to come to see her. She ordered a cup of coffee for herself, I saw sprinkles in her eyes maybe it was tears, I don’t know.

I was also waiting for someone, but they weren’t late neither ever showed up, I lost them long time ago and I used to come here time to time to throwback memories.
The girl was crying and the waiter came up to her to give her tissues without saying a word he was looking at her like he got used to it. I came up to the waiter and he asked me: do you want to talk to that girl? I said yes. He said: her boyfriend died and she comes here everyday crying since she lost him. 

I turned around to see the girl but she’s gone and so do the waiter. There was nobody in the coffee shop, only me. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and I stood front of the mirror I couldn’t see my shadow, I wasn’t existing either… I was the one she was waiting for.


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