Last Talking (Before Death)

She said: (MOM)

Baby, I guess I don’t understand

How did we let this slip through our hands. We were so in drown and then we… Lost it all, and now it’s over…

Now it’s over…!

I know we said that we could just be dreads. But I can no longer replace this end, Because the memories of us cloud my head. And I’m sorry…

So sorry…

And baby I guess I can’t comprehend!

The fact that this could really be the end.

I wish we could talk this out instead.

But we’ve tried that…

He said: (SON)

I am doing my best to let this go.

Cause, it’s obvious we’re on different roads. You consume my mind when I’m alone. I miss you…

But, I have to say goodbye…

I don’t wanna say it…

I don’t wanna say goodbye!

But we have to…


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