Last time!!

I heard that pictures don’t change

Just the people inside of ’em do

Whoever told you that life would be easy

I promise that person was lyin’ to you

You got a problem with followin’ through

That’s why I got a problem with followin’ you.

You keep lookin’ at me like this problem is new.

But we’ve been here before, what you tryin’ to do?

Don’t talk to me like I don’t know what you feeling

‘Cause I was there with you back in the beginning

Quit looking away when I talk, let me finish

I’m tryna be honest, you’re tryna forget me?

What’s wrong with you?

I know that you got a lot on your plate

You keep telling me I should get out of your way

But I can’t see how you gon’ lie to my face.

Don’t tell me you fine ’cause I know that you not.

So don’t even try it

And what we gon’ live for in this life full of pain ’till we’re aging and one day we’ll get up and say we regretted our lives

‘Cause that’s where we’re going

And do not pretend like you don’t even notice

The funny thing is that you already know it

I’m starting to think that you like how I feel

So be lost in the moment

They told us that time flies, didn’t know what it means

Now I feel like we just running around tryna

Catch it and hoping to cut off it’s wings

But that ain’t gon’ happen

Joy, when was the last time we had it?

I don’t remember ’cause all that we do

Is go backwards, but that’s what you get

When you live in the past tense

And I know we breathing but we not alive

Really, is this the way we wanna die?

‘Till you got everything bottled inside

If only they knew what goes on in our minds.

I know what you thinking so don’t try to hide.

Why do you look at me like you surprised?

If you really mean what you write in these lines.

Then why don’t you fix it, ’cause I’m getting tired!

I can no longer do this!

Ever since you fell in love with the music

You find a way to express what you feel

But the moment that you get away from the mic, you don’t know what you doing

Is it clear to you yet?

I don’t know what’s going on in your head

But eventually, you’ll have to deal with the things.

That you talk about yeah, but I guess until then, we’re lost!

Lost in the moment..!!

This may be the last sunset I’ll see

So I’ll take it in!

This may be the last air that I’ll breathe

So I’ll breathe it in!


One comment

  1. Nadia · November 4, 2017

    Love this one! I see you are hurting!
    I feel you, and I’ve been thru with something hurtful too.
    Thank you beautiful words.

    Liked by 1 person

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